Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X RS Gp N

Rennfahrzeuge / Rallyefahrzeuge

Verkauf  1.3.2013  ren527570  Neu  Mitsubishi   2013  Nein / Nein 1998  300  EUR 79.500

Professionally built (in 2013) to FIA Gp N specifications from NEW RS base car (JMYSNCZ4ABU00021X). Ralliart con rod set (VO), ARP head stud kit, HKS head gasket, Fuel rail w. AN fittings, Ralliart air suction kit (VO), T/C exhaust outlet (ceramic coated), 33mm restrictor, rigid Fuel line kit made to AN aerospace standard, Staubli JIC12 refuelling plugs (fill & vent). MoTeC engine ECU, MoTeC ACD ECU, MoTeC SDL3 dash, MoTeC VCS in-car camera system. Ralliart Front LSD kit (VO), Clutch master cylinder (VO), Break booster adapter (VO), AP Racing Break proportion valve (VO), Hand brake lever kit (VO), Brembo hand brake master cylinder (VO), Brembo front & rear break kit (VO) w. Brembo brake pads, rigid Brake line kit made to AN aerospace standard, Sachs reinforced clutch pressure plate and disc. Full Gp N body preparation (bead blasted, de-bracketed to VO homologation, fully seam welded) with Genuine KBT Safety roll cage fitted, Sabelt SabGas electrical fire extinguisher, Sabelt steering wheel, Sabelt safety belts (HANS), GEL battery, Electronic battery cut-off switch; Gp N Auxiliary loom kit with Deutsch Autosport connectors, Flocked dash. Composite (carbon-kevlar) sump guard (w. cells), underfloor guards, sill guards, fuel tank guards, ACD pump guard, rear wheel arch and bumper guards protection. Aluminium prop and rear diff guards, PUR mud guards. Carbon Roof vent (VO), Mirrors, Footwells, Floor console, Dashboard screen panel, Door cards, Battery holder. Can be equipped & supplied with your choice of gear box (Drenth, Samsonas, PPG, Ricardo, KAPS), suspension (tarmac/gravel – Reiger, BOS, EXE-TC, Ohlins, SACHS) and individual seats (std/XL – Sabelt, Recaro, OMP, Sparco – carbon or GRP) to fit your needs at fair extra parts cost – labor included. Built regardless of costs. Price Ex VAT (0%).


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