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Your Trackday-support partner!

Boes Motorsport will offer you tires,
brakes, car liquids, technical service, racecar-rent,
setup help, quality software optimizing
and a lot of other things, like every year!

In the start of 2018 we offer an extra good price
on tires to your car.
Dunlop, Nankang, Michelin, Pirelli, Toyo,
Continental and other brands.

Send your wish to us!

Send the info of your car and we will recommend you only the best quality and prices!

Boes Motorsport
Horst Boes
Tlf: 0049 265 59 412 35
Mob: 0049 171 48 199 00


Boes Motorsport
Raiffeisenring 8
Tel.: +49 (0) 171 1944732
Deutschland - 56746 Kempenich