ex Ferrari F1 race transporter

Transporter / Anhänger

Verkauf  3.7.2018  tra527996  Gebraucht  VB EUR 59.500

Very rear opportunity!
Original Ferrari Formula One race trailer used to transport the Ferrari Formula 1 cars of Schumacher, Alesi, Barrichello, Ervine and many other legendary F1 drivers.

- new tires
- new axels
- new paintwork in 2017 (blue)
- livery are stickers

Cars to fit:
- 3 Formula cars
- 1 GT car

- 48 Lista cabinets
- 25 cabinets along the length on the ceiling on both sides
- Airconditioning
- 5 roof windows
- 2 large hydraulic antennas on the front of the trailer
- 1 compressor including dray air
- belly lockers
- stairs and rail
- spare wheel (unused)
- car lift

General Options

Belly Lockers
Office Part Facilities

Electrical socket(s)
Entrance through loading part
Loading Part Facilities

Mounting rails along the floor
(LED) lights in the whole area
(Lista) cabinets
Fixing points to strap cars

Manufacturer: Carini
Length (MM): 3000
Additional Platforms (MM): 2000
Maximum Capacity (KG): 2000
Electrical Equipment

400V 32A Connection
Intelligent Batteries Charger
2 x 180 [Ah] batteries
Outside Finish

Sandwich Walling
Trailer Painted In Color: Blue

Stepdeck Frame
Trailer Painted In Color: Blue
Number of Axles: 2
Maximum gross weight (KG): 29500
Saddle height (MM): 1155
Transport dimensions external

Length (MM): 13600
Width (MM): 2500
Height (MM): 3950