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Whether you interested in preparing for an upcoming race or just want to have some fun, simulator will exceed your expections. Our team of of software, hardware and electronics engineers has crafted one of the most advanced, high resolution simulations available at any price point.

Unparalleled Motion Quality & Realism
Simulates Rear Traction Loss and Rear Wheel Hop
Excellent road surface perception via 250 motion updates per second
Inline Dampeners make motion more fluid and less digitized.
Based On Olympic Training Principles
Simulates vehicle weight transfer in addition to road texture and G-Forces
Professional, high-end steering and pedal setup
Professional sequential shifter
Tree 40-46 inch LED Screens
Superb customer service and support
Pre-installed with simulator iRacing, rRactor
Professional driver training available
MoTeC's data analysis software


Petr Lisa
Pod nemocnicí 1898
Tel.: +420 (0) 777 339678
Tschechische Republik - 35801 Kraslice

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