Messsystem für Formel Renault 2.0

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Verkauf  29.10.2017  ren27528  Gebraucht  Dutt Motorsport  Prüf-/ Messtechnik  EUR 5.000

We, Dutt Motorsport, are selling our measuringsystem, built for a Formula Renault 2.0, please find the details below:
• Fit to the current and previous FR2.0 hole circle, more cars may be compatible.
• Measuringwheels have identical measurements as original wheels.
• Measuringwheels have small beared wheels at the bottom, no more need of measuring plates
• Completely manufactured out of CNC-drilled aluminium, eloxated in red.
• Front and rear widened by aluminium profiles, mounted to custom manufactured mounts for existing front and rear mounting options
• Measuring with lines going from back to front, with metal ruler
Sale containing:
• 1 Metal ruler
• 4 Measuring wheels: 2 Front, 2 Rear
• 2 Lines
• 1 Front- and 1 Rear mount for widening
• 1 Front- and 1 Rear aluminiumprofile
Needed Accessories:
• Camberlevel
• Wheel-wheightscales


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