ROTOBOX RBX1 Carbon Fiber Wheels 8spokes

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Verkauf  18.2.2013  ren27261  Neu  ROTOBOX  Räder / Bremsen / Fahrwerk  EUR 3.550

RBX1 lightest wheel on market + special designe

For all kind of bikes!

The shape of the Rototbox wheels prohibits the rim to separate from the middle, which means that the Rotobox wheels are truly the first safe carbon wheels for motorbikes on the market.

The Rotobox wheel has greater stiffness, because of the construction of the rotary box. The wheel is produced with dry carbon technology, so it has a clean, smooth and hard surface.

In six years of intensive development, we have made the most powerful wheel for road and racing motorcycles in the world. The Rotobox wheel has many advantages over competing wheels. All these advantages form a unique and safe product giving you and your motorbike a complete performance on the road.

Set wheels: 7,1 kg
Stock OM: 11,7 kg

- 5 kg!!!!

Best MOI in the world and lightest wheels on earth -1 sec laptime


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