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Very short, adjustable motion

Faster gear changing is one of the parts which brings advantage in motorsport. This shifting mechanism has already shortened travel, and the minimum regulation allowing adjusting it to your needs.

Design and manufacturing

We put a lot of effort in order to minimize the total weight of the structure. All constructions with stand and screws weight - 0,704kg.

We use only the 6082-T6 aluminum in whole construction.

All parts are manufactured with CNC milling and CNC lathe.

Accurate gear shifting

We use spherical bearings as in the original shifting mechanism, but "Fluro" bearing have much less easiness and is very durable. Also gearbox lever sleeves were replaced with ertalon ones.

Additional options:

•Anodizing with desired color


•Your selected engraving


•View instructions before installation.

•Use with the shifting mechanism stand (view instructions as well before installation).

•Use only with a solid engine and gearbox mounts (aluminium).

•The shifting mechanism is designed to operate with BMW transmissions.


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