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Verkauf  20.4.2015  ren32902  Neu  QTM inc.  Räder / Bremsen / Fahrwerk  VB EUR 240

Kompletes verstelsysteem fur waagebalken .

QTM's innovative brake bias shifter system.

Brake bias shifter

Sequential style brake bias adjustment
Bump & Go shifter moves only one position per input
Locks firmly into place after each adjustment
Quick visual identification of current bias position
Extremely consistent percentage of bias change per adjustment
17-19 adjustment positions
Each position equals .050” heim joint travel

No hystoresis or “spring back”
Push-pull style for consistency

Balance bar assembly

Works with 2 ½” & 2 5/8” centerline pedal assemblies
Consistently square to master cylinder
Better bias consistency
Longer master cylinder life
Engineered so that the clevices travel in one plane

Standard delivery time:

1 or 2 days ( benelux and Germany)