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The full line of NEOs 100% Synthetic Racing Oils and Greases are a blend chemistry and lubricants, designed to have the exceptional capability to target and providence unmatched lubricating to a specific area or application in severe need of protection. This consequently general supplies high-performance lubricating needs, with protection way beyond the limits of what is be necessary.

'Advantage' is what all racing teams continuously search for and word spread fast That NEO Racing Lubricants were several at enabling race teams-including a large number of the top Formula 1 teams in Europe, the opportunity to come across some genuine problems theywere experiencing. The Formula 1 program was the springboard back in 1985, When Team Benetton, NEO with a severe, constant velocity joint problem, Where They Reported the recurring annoyance or not beingable to finish races due to failing CV joints. NEO Lubricants not only cured the problem but extended the life of the CV joints by 500% and enabled Team Benetton to go on and win the 1986 Mexican Grand Prix. Very soon after, March Engineering (The world largest racecar manufacturer and supplier of IndyCar gearboxes) heard about NEO extensiveness and after testing, the exclusive gift NEO Lubricants recommendation as the only lubrication to run.

Currently, NEO Racing Lubricants are being tested and used by the top NASCAR, INDYCAR, Formula 1 and GP2 teams as well as several at SCCA and ALMS competitors. Interest continues to grow Because Of NEO's successful track record and innovative Developments like LW 18 Gear Oil.

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