NEO synthetics High end lubricants

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Neo Synthetics is know for fabricating High end lubrication used in the toughest applications like:

- Endurance ( Le Mans)
- Dakar Rally
- Rallyracing
- Formula 1
- Nascar

#HPCC1 - Antriebwelle Fett/ Driveshaft grease

As used in : F1 , Nascar, Le-mans , WEC and many other heavy duty applications.
NEO HPCC#1 Grease is a specialty grease for linear and oscillating mechanisms and couplings, such as constant velocity couplings (CV joints) and sealed bearings. It will take heavy shock loads, frequent axial movements, large speed variations, and frequent reversing. It is made with a higher molecular weight synthetic base stock and will withstand extreme temperatures. It has a very strong resistance to water washout in rain or even salt water.

75w90RHD gear oil - Runs op to 30ºC cooler than competitors.

NEO 75w90RHD synthetic gear oil is designed to take 80% more load carrying capabilities than its competitors. NEO 75w90RHD is compounded with the most recently developed additive system to provide the ultimate in gear protection, from an E.P. wear, corrosive wear, and shock load wear standpoint. A friction modifier is also employed to reduce sliding friction resulting in lower energy requirements, thus less drag, lower fuel consumption, and more horsepower.

NEO synthetic gear oils offer both cold temperature advantages (Pour Point is -45°F) and high temperature stability (Flash Point is 480°F).
As a multigrade product meeting the low temperature viscosity requirements of an SAE 75 W grade gear oil, but also meeting the viscosity requirement of SAE 90 grade at operating temperatures.
The base is a unique combination of synthetic components that permits meeting SAE 75w90 viscosity requirements without the need for a viscosity improver.

HP800 Wheel bearing grease

NEO HP800 Heavy Duty EP grease for plain and rolling element bearings, and sliding mechanisms operating generally difficult conditions. Exceptionally resistant to water wash out including emulsions, NEO HP800 was designed specifically for precision rolling element bearings in high performance racing cars. This grease is slightly thinner in consistency and has a higher viscosity synthetic fluid incorporated in its design as compared t greases normally used for passenger vehicles and is designed to lubricate to 425°C (800°F).