Ford Cosworth RS500

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Verkauf  29.2.2016  ren35128  Gebraucht  Cosworth  Motor / Getriebe / Antrieb  EUR 6.500

The engine is plug and play and all the needed parts to install it is included + a lot of extra parts.
ARP head studs and head gasket with steel rings are installed.

The included parts:
Light weight flywheel for 140mm clutch
Stock flywheel
Stock clutch
Group N clutch
Stock Bellhousing + adapter for getrag box.
Intercooler + alle pressure hoses
Turbo bleed valve
Two big radiators
Big oil coolers
Original Ford repair manuals + Original RS500 manual
Wiring harness, ECU and all sensors
Engine mounts
External oil filter mounting

The engine is located in Denmark

The engine has been mounted in a garage car for the past 20 years. It has only occasionally been driven.

45.000 km since rebuild.

It is in very good condition and in fully RS500 trim. The only thing which is not original RS500 is the engine block (YBB). It is currently running with 360 bhp (on 4 of 8 injectors) - There is potential for a lot more!

Contact -


Anders Valentin Vogt
Tel.: +45 (0) 00 28742428
Dänemark - 2100 Copenhagen