Engine PORSCHE 3800 ccm RSR

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Verkauf  7.10.2011  ren25189  Gebraucht    Motor / Getriebe / Antrieb  EUR 22.000

engine is basic Porsche 996 RSR 3,8 liter engine buildt RS-tuning, Schmirler.
After failure we complete rebuildt engine with 3,8 liter engine´s parts from 997 RSR (cca 17 hours run) - complete heads with valves, pistons,crankshafts............
Engine was complete take to pieces,checked and control all clearance. On engine are new cylinder liner,rings,bierings,valve cotter..............
Engine was on Porsche factory in Weissach dyno, have 513 HP on Dec.2010,run on dyno cca 2 hours . : max. power: 513 PS at 8500 rpm , max. torque: 451 Nm at 7500 rpm
It was spare engine for our car, never used after rebuildt. We sold this car.
Engine can use for 996 RSR, 997 cup.
Engine is complete with electric harness, airbox,................


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