BMW Renngetriebe E36/E46 Dogbox kit

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Verkauf  12.4.2015  ren32852  Neu  GDT  Motor / Getriebe / Antrieb  EUR 4.150

GD Transmission -BMW E36/E46 dogbox kit
Selector chart is H-pattern 4 or 5 speed .
The original ZF S5D gearbox to housing.

- The gear ratio options is over 20 different .
- gear wheel teeth, straight cutting
- special tooth profile , stronger and rolling resistance is lower.
- reverse gear lock
- gear selector stick and the link rod
- hardened selector forks and all other the components are hardened .
- not need make change to the box .

ask gear ratios or send email and tell what ratios you want.


GD Transmission
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