Volvo 360 Cup - Low budget, high fun!

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  18.11.2013  ren528948  Gebraucht  Volvo   2013  Nein / Nein 1998  115  EUR 2.750

RWD and a perfect weightbalance means a lot fun!

This Volvo 360 had a complete rebuild in the summer of 2013 and only participated in 2 races (2X top 4!) after that.

- Rebuild the engine with new parts
- New Koni shock-absorber (red)
- Fresh paint (Volvo 360 Cup - grey)
- New wiring on the interior
- Many more..

4 X Toyo R888 (Volvo 360 Cup approved) on brand new painted rims

Fast but not that technical? We can run this car for you in the 2014 Dutch Volvo 360 Cup (Arrive and drive)!

The Dutch Volvo 360 Cup is the cheapest racingseries in Europe and probably of the world! With RWD and his perfect weightbalance the Volvo 360 is a great car to drive and to learn racing.


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