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Verkauf  13.4.2017  ren537698  Gebraucht  VW   1972  Nein / Nein     EUR 13.500

Maggiolino1200 (R), year 1972, original black plates, metallic grey color, ASI certification, CSAI fiche, FIA international pass, Sporting Rally set up, engine and gearbox just 5000 km.
The car can be sold in two esthetic configurations:
“Fast Road” with monochromatic bonnets and two set of tires, alloy wheels OZ Racing 16” and Antera 17”. “Rally” with black bonnets and 15”original steel wheels.
Prepared 1640 c.c. engine with 75 hp, sport camshaft, 39/35 big valves, two Weber 36 d.c. carburetors, front oil radiator, oil cup protection, steel exhaust 4 in 1, Koni set up, Puma registrable front chassis, Disc brakes, 100W lights, “Carbon look 3” dashboard with visible tools, switches, fuse, relais, battery cut off switch, racing steering wheel, arch roll-bar, fire extinguisher, Sabelt 4P belts, Recaro GTI seats.
Spare parts, as the still working 1200cc original engine, summer and winter tires, are included.


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