Van Diemen RF82 rolling chassis

Rennfahrzeuge / Formelfahrzeuge

Verkauf  17.5.2018  ren540747  Gebraucht     1982  Nein / Ja  -    -   EUR 5.500

Van Diemen RF82 - Less engine & gearbox.

I believe it started life as a 1600 Kent but has been 'restored' as a winged car.
New bodywork
I'm told the intention of the restorer was that it would receive a motorcyle engine but fortunately no modifications to the chassis etc have been made so it could be built up as either a FF1600 or a FF2000.
Restoration work is to a good standard but some unfortunate choices have been made has been powdercoated black rather than nickeled, carbon wings & non original sidepods have been used and various additional (but easily removable) alloy panelling has been fitted. It is sititng on FF Wellers


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