Rennfahrzeuge / Prototypen

Verkauf  17.4.2017  ren537724  Gebraucht     2003  Nein / Nein 6000  560  EUR 90.000

Road registered in 2003 with spanish plates. Just 3000 miles on the road and then upgraded for trackday use.

V8 Rodeck/Brodix 6.0 litre drysumped engine (+550hp) alloy block. Kingsler fuel injection. Pectel electronics. Gemini/Ricardo 6 speed sequential transaxle (magnesium casing). Inconel exhausts.

Nitron 2 way shocks, front and rear ARB's. AP Racing 360x32mm front brakes with 6 pot calipers. 330x28mm 4pot rears. Airjacks.

Tillet carbon seats, GPS laptimer, rear view cam. Great condition car, never crashed and well maintained.

ATS and Speedline wheels (8)

some spares including front clam, spare ECU, engine preheater and small spares assortment (lights, brake pads, s/plugs, wheel nuts...)

A fun car just used for a few trackdays by year.

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