Suzuki Swift Maxi S1600

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  1.2.2012  ren525714  Neu     2011  Nein / Nein 1600  208  EUR 29.000

Very very quick car, hard suspension, strong engine, low weight.
Never crashed!
Ideal for circuit racing, hillclimb and slalom, or rallyecross.

FIA Homologated
Non out of date parts!

Made in 2011
Parts, elements: original Suzuki Sport Europe S1600

Current engine:
M16 Swift engine, power 165PS/175Nm, S1600 air intake manifold, fuel rail-injection, S1600 exhaust system, water-oil heat changer.

Spare engine:
SSE S1600 engine, 208PS/190Nm

S1600, lightweight (820kg), all bodypart are made of fiberglass and carbon.

Original S1600 parts:
6 speed sequential gearbox, Reiger suspensions, Brembo 4pistons front(355mm) & 2pistons rear (278mm) brake, front control arms, anti rollbar, cabel harness, Motec M4 ECU, Custom Cages rollcage.

Modified rear control arms and anti rollbar.

Spare parts:
a lot of parts of suspension.
Every bodypart is available if needful.

Car pass by the National Automobilsport Federation of Hungary for the year 2011, in Hungarian Circuit Championship.
Everything is homologued by the FIA.


Onboard video:



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