Seat Leon Supercopa MK1 350PK

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  8.7.2014  ren530432  Gebraucht  Seat   2005  Nein / Nein 355  EUR 15.000

Fastest Seat Leon Supercopa MK1, Zandvoort 1:54, Oschersleben 1:40, Zolder 1:43
This car is as quick as the new Supercopa MK2, extremely fast in corners.
Only used for sprint races, never used for VLN or endurance.

Build year : 2005
Engine : 2.0 TFSI
Power : > 355pk 445Nm
Gearbox : Manual, seat motorsport
Serie nr : X2MD 136

Car is build in 2005 and in 2008 completely rebuild by Seat Motorsport and bought by us, 2012 build in the 2.0 TFSI 100% new engine.

Results of the car:
2009 1e DNRT Sport
2010 1e DNRT Super sport
2012 1e Euro saloons > fastest Supercopa of UK.
2013 1e Brurando production open, Dutch national series
2014 GTWC class winner and 2 overall

This car is 100% reliable, and never saved any money on maintenance on the car, yearly rebuild of all rotating parts such as motor, gearbox, drive train, bearings, suspension, and yearly placed new drive shafts and turbo. This car had the last 4 year never a technical fall out from a race, Car comes with DMSB wagenpass and is checked in 2014. Car comes with al lot of spare parts, manuals and spare part list. Car is in 100% technical shape.

Modifications on the car:
2.0 TFSI BHZ engine
Sachs clutch
Bigger intercooler
Stainless steel exhaust
Modified brake system
Fuel pressure controller
Fuel catch tank
Seat Motorsport drivetrain
Sachs Suspension
360mm brake discs
6 pots AP brakes
Engine power controller adjustable from 250-350hp
ECU VAG, JD Engineering
Start button for standing start with lower engine power
Oil and turbo gauges
Modified gearbox leaver, short shifter
Brake regulator
Air jacks

spare parts:
Brake disks
AP brakes calipers
Seat Motorsport Fusee
Many tyres, slicks, rain, intermediate
Brakes pads
Many body parts, doors, venders,
Drive shafts
Peddel box
New race seat
Many more


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