S2000 J - OF THE PERIOD, version RHD

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  8.9.2017  ren538705  Gebraucht     2003  Nein / Nein 1997  274  VB EUR 23.500

Honda S2000, version RHD!!!date of construction 09.2015r
Engine F20C2 1997ccm, power 274KM 238NM
balanced shaft and unified mass of moving parts, new bushings, rings, camshaft chain, shaft and valve seals
sharp camshaft (stage 2)
titanium plates and double valve springs
porting head (suction + 2mm, exhaust + 4mm)
polished exhaust ducts, suction finished in semimat
OBX ITB with 52mm throttle
light flywheel TODY
TODY aluminum pressure
clutch stage 3 TODY
all set to AEMmi (original beam guarantee stable work)

Power supply:
swirl pot 2l
efficient fuel pump bosch 044
aluminum fuel cooler

Exhaust system:
exhaust manifold according to own idea (fit for porting head)
SSG's two-piece exhaust silencer

Cooling system:
Large aluminum water cooler (twice as thick as OEM)
aluminum oil cooler
tunnel vent of warm air from the cooler through the mask

Brake system:
4 piston brembo clamps with ventilated shield from audi
cooling front air duct clamps
rear break is OEM

BC racing thread (30-stage shock absorber) full presetting and height adjustment
polyurethane with STRONG-FLEX lubricating shoe mounted
roll center bolts - Megan Racing
Revised swing armrests for setting a larger negative
long pins

body kit is an amus replica, widening the car by 20cm
aluminum thresholds
light doors, polycarbonate glass
light mirrors
rear window made of polycarbonate
light rear hatch
light mask
front lamp caps
APR carbon spoiler
X-BRACE strut
aluminum hardtop

mirco chair and attachments valid from 2020r (possibility of extension)
protective mesh OMP
6pkt sabelt belts valid till 2018r
OMP fire extinguisher valid till 2019r
VicaRS cage according to the attachment "J"


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