Race Lotus Honda 280 HP NA DrySump ABS

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

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2015 and 2016 champion of Poland in D4 class-up to 2000CC and min 900 kilograms.

Perfect car to win CEZ 2000cc class or high climbing races up to 2000cc.

Professionally build race car based on 2002 S2 Elise rover platform.

Car weight around 800 kilograms + ballast according to D4 class regulations.

Car is ready for race, 120 kilometers after full revision.

Very cheap car to run.

Best lap time holder for 2000cc car ever on Poznan Race Track - 1.37.300

Car won all 2016 rounds of Polish National Championships and CEZ round at Poznan Race track with over 2,5 sec advantage in qualifications over the second and over 1 minute advantage over the second in the race.

Car was not used in 2017 and 2018 !!!


-Safety devices FIA roll cage professionally installed according to regulations with photo documentation.

-Tillet FIA seat.

-70 liters FIA bag fuel tank.

-schroth FIA harness

Valid till 2018/19


-Build and maintained regardless of cost at Ecu-performance Poland.

276 BHP incl:-PACE oil dyr system

-Toda cams

-sport valve springs and titanium retainers

-Toda chain tensioner

-4x 54mm individual throttle bodies incl Airbox system

-hondata kpro

-custom harm

-Custom Tullet 4-2-1 header with custom muffler

-JDM honda engine bottom

-Big side air to air oil cooler

-Big 3 way custom water radiator with two electric adjustable water pumps


Build and maintained by Ecu-performance Poland.

-6 speed Civic type R with JDM 4,5,6 gears.

-Exige gear lever with metal cables and uniballs for best quality gear change.

-Mocal external oil pump with big side radiator


-heavy duty custom drive shafts

-Light weight fly wheel

-Race clutch

-Both engine/gearbox mounts are custom made and they are extremely rigid.


-Lotus GT3 front clam modified to take rims with lower ET (wider by 40mm)

-Exige rear clam with reverie wheel arches extensions.

-Reverie 1800mm full carbon wing and fast removable custom supports.

-Custom aluminium crash box to take bigger radiator.

-Custom splitter, wider flat floor and adjustable aluminium diffuser

-full carbon one skin roof ultra-fast removable.

-Both clams and roof are ultra-fast removable.

-Modified doors and rear part of the body to take more air via bigger full carbon side scoops.(reverie)

-Apr Carbon Canards

-custom fire wall.


-2016 Bosch motorsport ABS with MSA

-Pilbeam peddle box with balance adjustment

-Ap 4 pot calipers with Friction Performance 308mm discs and dedicated cooling.

-Ap 2 pot calipers with AP 304mm discs and Nitron titanium bells.


-EP race uprights

-EP race steering rams

-JRZ 1231 dampers (3-way)

-Nitron racing wishbone bearing kit

-New shorter steering rack

-Reinforced rear sub frame

-Rear suspension custom bracket

-1 inch adjustable front sway bar.

-adjustable traction control


-custom made Braid I Forge for the rear 9x17

-Team dynamics for the front 7x16

Additional rims are also available at extra cost.

Dedicated trailer from BrianJames is also available.

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