Porsche 964 Dakar

Rennfahrzeuge / Rallyefahrzeuge

Verkauf  20.4.2017  ren537758  Neu  Porsche   2017  Nein / Nein 3600  280  EUR 210.000

This car is a perfect Dakar rally car.
Reinforced chassis for heavy terrain.
Intrax rally suspension specially designed for this car
Chromoly steel roll cage
Sequential gearbox
Compressed air for blowing up tyres.....
Spare wheel build in the car
Removable rear window to gain acces to the spare wheel
Huge fuel cell for long distances
Complete closed bottom in kevlar
Jack build in the front of the car
Oil coolers with fans in the rear bonnet so no sand and rocks can damage the coolers
And so much more.


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