OPEL Commodore GS/E Gr. 2 – HTP FIA

Rennfahrzeuge / Classics

Verkauf  1.3.2018  ren540219  Gebraucht     1973  Nein / Ja 3000  280  VB EUR 38.000

The car, produced in 1973 and successively prepared for circuit races, has a very important historic past.
It is regularly registered and possesses the original documents (registration certificate, black plates, etc).
It has been completely overhauled in 2016 (engine, gearbox, braking and fuel system, etc.), but it still hasn’t raced after that.
Kugelfisher injection engine dispense about 280 HP, 5-speed ZF gearbox, racing braking system with magnesium calipers, front 9x15”and rear 11x15” wheels.
The car is ready to race and possesses FIA HTP for historic races.
It also has a spare parts stock.


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