Norma M20F

Rennfahrzeuge / Prototypen

Verkauf  26.10.2017  ren539101  Gebraucht     2009  Nein / Nein 1998  245  VB EUR 42.000

Norma M20F from year 2009 for sale. Against the original car a lot of modifications on the car. Norma have Paddleshift, Geartronic, telemetry AIM, AIM Smarty Cam etc. ECU is DATA S60

The car can be supplied with original Honda engine with 245 HP or at additional cost with more power Honda engine 295 HP.

The car ran races in the European Hillclimb Cup and races on FIA CEZ circuits. The car is tuned and just had only routine service. The car is group E2-SC

There are many spare parts to the car:
front bonnet 1x
rear bonnet 1x
all arms with unibal 9x
rear flat floor from CN
set of damper
axle drive shaft 2x
wheelchairs + wheel nut 2x
water cooler
oil cooler
set of brake pads
set of brake disc
complet air intake (one flap)
Gears (12/37 + 14/32 + 16/26 etc.) total 12 gears + in car
Sensor of crankshaft and sensor of camshaft
Fuel pump, high pressure
Fuel pump, low pressure
Oil pump
Holder of rear wing from CN
Wheel disc (2 sets)
Push rod
Some spare bearing (to wheel, to gearbox)



For more information and photos send me email.


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