Nissan 350Z/G37

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  15.2.2015  ren532239  Gebraucht     2013  Nein / Nein 3700  348  EUR 12.500

Car provided for the racing, sprint, the racing or endurance racing, but can be easily adapted Drift, Drag race.
Aerodynamic and lightweight, fiberglass body (front and rear wings, front and rear bumper, hood, trunk, passenger doors, roof, etc. )
Sports passport
Certified safety frame
aspirated 3.7 liter engine with 350 hp power, control, transmission - 6 speed, rear differential all of Infiniti G37
EXEDY two plate metal plate sport clutch, hydraulic clutch sports cylinder
D2 adjustable sports suspension,
Sparco engine and interior extinguishing system
Sparco carbon fiber sports seats with homologation the end of 2018,
Sabelt seat belts homologation the end of 2018
Wilwood brake controller manual
Sports intake system
Sports stainless steel exhaust
2 sets of alloy wheels 18 "SLICK tires
+ spare parts and slick tires

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