Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 EVO 1

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Verkauf  27.4.2018  ren540633  Gebraucht  Mercedes-Benz   1989  Ja / Ja 2463  194  EUR 120.000

Beautiful “Blau Schwarz (199U)” 1989 Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 1 with clean and correct 4 seater black leather interior with Recaro sport seats. Power comes from the 4 cylinder - 2463 cc dohc engine with 16 valve lay out producing 194 hp (injection - catalyst) attached to a 5 speed Getrag dogleg manual gearbox .Featuring a “racing” gear pattern with first gear left and down from neutral. For fast and easy selection. Giving this Evo 1 a top speed of 230 km/h.

This example nr 200/500 was built March 1989 and delivered through the official dealership Fahrzeug-Werke Lueg Gmbh in Bochum to its first owner a company in Bochum.This dealer serviced the car in its Recklinghausen branch from 1989 until 2000 (with 138.000 km on the odometer) when it was confiscated by the tax authority in Germany. It stayed in storage until 2016 when it was sold in Recklinghausen to the 2nd and current owner. He imported the car into Belgium and it was serviced and had a mechanical rebuild after that storage. He regularly drove the car during the weekend and now the odometer reading is 141.700 km. And it is equipped with a original set of Evo2 aluminium wheels.

It was built with the following options:

240 outside temperature indicator
271a leather anthracite
412 electric sliding roof with tilting device
430 headrest in the rear left and right
466 central locking mechanism
511 radio MB exquisit with trafic news decoder and rds
531 automatic antenna
591 heat insulating green glass all around, heated rear window
620 vehicle with catalyst technique
682 fire extinguisher
812 rear mounted loudspeakers
873 seat heating for left and right front seats
876 rear door contact and lamp above rear window

The Evolution 1 was the answer to the BMW M3 Sport Evolution. With new spoilers and wider wheel arches. Many changes were made to brakes and suspension. With full SLS (self leveling suspension) allowing the vehicle ride height to be adjusted from a 3 position interior switch. The power output is similar to the regular 2.5-16 v engine but Cosworth redesigned the engine with a shorter stroke and bigger bore allowing a higher revs limit (7250 rpm) and improved top end power. In the rear axle the mounted ASD an electrically controlled hydraulic locking diff which activates automatically when required, allowing varied amounts of lock from the std 15% right up to 100%.

With only 502 units produced the Evo 1 is now strongly sought after. These rare cars (Evo 1 is rarer than Evo 2) will only continue to rise in value steadily over time but realistically, for cars that have been used on European roads few will remain in a beautiful preserved condition as this one. The future owner for this Evo 1 will realise this is something unique and not to be missed. Very recently the car was given a complete and thorough service and check up with an official dealer and is fully ready for use by its future owner.

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