Lancia fulvia zagato coupe 1,3s sport

Rennfahrzeuge / Classics

Verkauf  14.12.2014  ren531671  Gebraucht  Lancia   1971  Ja / Ja     VB EUR 20.500

This beautiful Lancia Fulvia Zagato features a Dutch license plate and in the past used to drive classic tours and has a FIVA pass. The car is therefore equipped with two large bright lights on the front, a large reversing light and large fog. These are all controlled from a nice control panel inside the car which is also an indicator on each switch so you can see whether they are on or off. Furthermore, the original instruction booklet is included with the car. The car runs and drives good. The only downside is that the driver's seat begins to get a little hole from in and out steps. If you have Questions please mail or call me.


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