KTM X-BOW R 2016

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  30.5.2017  ren538033  Gebraucht     2016  Nein / Nein 2000  300  EUR 60.500

i have this amazing KTM X BOW R track day car for sale.. the car has only done 2300km. this this one off the best cars ever made for a track and normal use. but not in denamrk with 180 % tax :O)

car specs:
wait 750kg
engine 2,0TFSI
0-100 3,9 sekunds

only vat on the car if is sold to denmark

Car Lokation Denmark:
kontakt number 0045 61674746

Anbieter IVS
lee martin kiesa
trianglen 40
Tel.: +45 (0) 0045 22226046
Dänemark - 6000 Kolding

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