Flawless Ray/Duratec 2010 Formula Ford

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Verkauf  13.8.2017  ren538525  Gebraucht     2017  Nein / Nein 1600  160  EUR 25.000

Flawless Ray/Duratec 2010 Formula Ford

Completely overhauled car – absolutely race ready!

Earlier this year the car was completely taken apart down to the screw and built up again with new parts. There is an album here with photos of the rebuild:

This car is like new and has driven less than 300 miles since the complete rebuild. It is equipped with Mygale Formula 4 wings (as we race them here in Denmark) but they are completely bolt on/bolt off leaving the car as standard if you bolt them off.

The car includes complete radio kit with 4-5 radios, headset, charging station, car loom etc.

I have more than 50,000 Euros and hundreds of hours invested in this car but as we have changed our plans, I will not be needing it anyway. I have original invoices on EVERYTHING listed below documenting everything is as I say it is. This car is 100,00% top notch and here is what was replaced/done to it earlier this year:

- Mark Bailey complete gearbox rebuild 5872 Euros
- Complete engine rebuild/tuning 6376 Euros
- Extra Scholar head 671 Euros
- New wire loom (engine + car) 839 Euros
- Clutch/cylinders 1258 Euros
- Brake discs 671 Euros
- New wishbones/pushrods all corners 2013 Euros
- New ball joints all over the car 1678 Euros
- F4 wing kit 1342 Euros
- AiM Formula wheel 2/EVO4 data logger/camera 3356 Euros
- New seat belts 336 Euros
- Rebuild (Öhlins UK) Öhlins T44 3 way dampers 1678 Euros
- New wheel bearings 403 Euros
- New exhaust 419 Euros
- Paint 2517 Euros
- Anodizing 587 Euros
- New steering rack/pinion 1342 Euros
- Fire bottle service 101 Euros
- New brake hoses/fittings/master cylinders 512 Euros

In addition to the car I have a gigantic invetory of spare parts (not included in the price):

- Various clutches
- 4 complete sets of OZ Racing wheels
- Steering rack
- Complete wishbones/pushrods for at least 1,5 car
- Setup-wheels
- Setup-equipment
- Complete virtually new Scholar head
- Complete strong Scholar engine
- Wiring looms/sensors/coils/starter/generator
- Mirrors
- At least 4 radiators
- Almost complete bodywork
- Fuel pump
- 20 sets of different springs
- 40-50 gear ratios (all in good or great condition and many new)
- Various brackets for wishbone/suspension
- Uprights
- Air/oil filters
- Fittings/slanger
- Brake calipers
- Lots more…

Located in Denmark.


André Eriksen
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