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Project Evora -Lotus Silhouette E2-SH -> 2000
Construct Made by - SVC Nachod, Ltd. & SVC Nachod Racing
Sale: Lotus EWOra vehicle is designed for the racing circuit and mounting on a surface
Duralumin skeleton concept Lotus / Opel bodywork, seat, steering wheel, carbon,
Body - Carbon / Kevlar
Air Vehicle Lifts
Reservoir 48l with measurement
Axles - suspension front and rear push-rod system, SVC-Náchodmotorsport
Engine - Honda S-2000ccm 310 hP
The control electronics - Euro 6 logger AIM Pista sensor wheels, Traction chassis
Gearbox - 6 speed sequential Hewland, many transfers, shift paddles on the steering wheel
Clutch - 2 plate metal ceramic 184 mm
Brakes - 4 Piston front + rear axle
Front window - plastic
Vehicle Weight 720 kg
The car 3 sets of wheels
The car upon agreement spares, suspension, body structure, front window frame, wheels, bodywork - molds for the bodywork.
One of the fastest cars in two liters other information are available on The vehicle is ready for the season.


Karel Kusý
Babicka 41
Tel.: +420 (0) 724 110457
Tschechische Republik - 78501 Sternberk

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