Driverseats available for RCN 2015

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

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We offer the chance to take part in RCN 2015 on our classwinning cars. All cars are
built and prepared by ourselves to ensure the best possible preparation. The MX5 was
overall winner in V3-Class of VLN, the BMW 125i reached several podium finishes.
During the event and competition an well-practiced crew will take car of you and the cars.

Professional working and relaxed atmosphere at the same time - thats normality.
By request we offer individual coachings with experienced instructors - including
data logging and onboard analysis. Also by request included: overnight stay in our
comfortable guesthouse (10min to track), catering for your partners, sponsors or

Of course all cars are well-insured - by fair and transparent conditions.
To get your individual customized racing-package please contact us via phone: +49

(0)2656-951414 mobile: +49(0)171-5456578 Mail:


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