Corvette Z06R GT3

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  15.4.2015  ren532553  Gebraucht     2008  Nein / Nein     EUR 200.000

We´re selling a completely serviced and race ready Callaway Corvette Z06R GT3.
The car was built in 2008 and got all yearly upgrades by Callaway Competition. Currently
the car is upgraded to the 2014 specification, except the engine.
This car was doing a non FIA regulated Championship and therefore is equipped with
a unrestricted 7 Liter Engine that does approx. 640HP / 790Nm. Due to the lower RPM level, compared to the 6.2L Engine, the gearbox has another Drop Gear.

Following options are installed:
-Lightweight carbon roof
-Lightweight carbon driver door
-Lightweight carbon passenger door

Brake discs, bells and pads are new all around.

This is the car that won the 2008 FIA GT3 drivers championship, as well as many races.

For further informations and requests, feel free to send us a Email.


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