BMW M5 S62B50 engine SWAP

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  11.10.2017  ren538944  Neu  BMW   2001  Nein / Nein 4999  430  EUR 7.700

I ´m selling my engine which was till now in a e36 body used just for drifting. I have the engine 2seasons. Before that we do the GEneral Repair. The engine is on AlphaN SW. That means approx 430 PS/ 520nm.
Price is including:
Engine (complete)
ECU with Alpha N software
Gearbox 5q
Exhaust mainfolds - custom
Clutch 6kg, ceramic, Sachs
All the holders and fittings for e36
Can be also used in e30, e46 with same equipment.

Engine was running on MillersOils, every second race changed, after each 6 races the bearing rings were changed also.

In case of interest, whole car can be sold also.


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