BMW E90 325i V4 class

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  18.2.2018  ren540117  Neu  BMW   2006  Ja / Nein 2500    Preis auf Anfrage

No cost has been spared on this car to make it reliable.

In addition to the racecar convertion the following work has been done:

-New engine head with the reviced graphite seals.

-New VANOS valves.

-New brakelines complete.

-New servo hoses

-New waterpump.

-New ignitioncoils x6

-KW v2 Competition

-H&R swaybars

-New controll arms all round.

-New Powerflex bushings

-Recaro Hans fitted after pictures were taken.

Car can be sold with the required datalogger for VLN.

New Rain and Intermediate tires on new Motec wheels are available to be sold seperate.

The car can be registrerd on German licensplates (for Track Days and TF).

This car is 100% compliant with the DMSB regulations for V4 class RCN and VLN (N/A 2500ccm).

Results from RCN 2016: 1x2nd place, 1x3rd place. No races in 2017.

This is a perfect car that is race ready.


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