BMW E46 M3 Rallycar

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Verkauf  21.10.2016  ren536165  Gebraucht     2000  Nein / Nein 3200  365  EUR 35.000

BMW E46 M3 Rallycar
-Engine:S54B32 365hp/370nm (vanosblocked, ARP bolts, KingRacing bearings)
-KMS MD35 ECU, Lamda can controller,KMS CAN display, Launch control, Flatshift
-Samsonas Racing Suspension / Ohlins rally dampers 2 way adjustable
-Samsonas 6 Speed RWDS Sequential with Flatshift/ possible 6 speed dogbox
-4 Pot alu callipers front and rear with 300mm floating brake discs
-Hydraulic hanbrake
-Brake regulator(central and pedalbox)
-short steering rack
-Custom rear control arms
-Sparco seats/schrot belts
-quick release steering wheel
-full set of braided hose(fuel/brake)
-plastic/carbon fuel tank guard
-plastic front fenders and hood
-polycarbonate windows
Very fast car with perfect weight distribution(front 48%/rear 52%)
Some spare parts and rims included in price


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