Bmw E46 M3

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  21.6.2015  ren532923  Gebraucht  BMW   2014  Nein / Nein 3200  365  VB EUR 35.000

BMW 3.2 liter E46

Built by Qvick Motors.

Since then, 10 hours driven.
Oil Pump BMW motorsport.
Rocker Arms BMW motorsport.
Light flywheel.

Effective power 365 hp.
More info also available at Qvick motors.
New BMW M3 gearbox, 5 speed.
Drexler differential.

Moton suspension
6 pots AP racing front claws.
33 cm diameter discs at the front.
Unique roll cage, very rare, chassis front
to strut back.
ATF 100 liters fuel tank.

Very professional built car can be tested on track.
Car only for serious interested peaple.
Bottom vehicle must also be seen.

Vehicle can be purchased outright, powertrain
alone can also be purchased.

For interested, just call.
GSM 0032 (0) 485 55 70 79


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Tel.: +32 (0) 485557079 485557079
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