BMW E36 325 Extreme Cup

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  16.12.2017  ren539578  Gebraucht  BMW   1994  Nein / Nein 2498  210  EUR 14.900

Body: Prepared at Ants Racing. No accitents! Full weld in homolgated rollgage and body seam welded, fresh paint.
Engine: Rebuild two races ago. 156 kW and 262 N/m at the wheel, by Widorf.
Transmission: Rebuild two races ago, by Reinup Motorport
Differential: 3.73 or 3.64 ot 3.45 25% LSD, serviced two races ago. (VRT)
Suspension: All rigid axle bushings and new wear parts. KW Suspension V3.
OBP swirl pot with Bosch fuel pump
Shift light (OMEX Shift light PRO)
Valid safety equipment (Sparco OMP)
Carbon mirrors (350 grams, originals 4 kg)
Wheels (Kosei)
It is possible to buy a very large quantity of spare parts.


Spare parts list (not included in the price):
•Almost all body panels (front end, doors, front pumper, hood, fenders) some yellow, some white color
•Rear differential 3.64 25% LSD
•Cilynder head
•ZF gearbox (rebuilt)
•Some used tyres
•All four brake calipers (rebuilt)
•BOSCH fuel pump
•Front suspension (4 different anti roll bars, both complete lower supension arms and complete wheel hubs, camber plates, both steering arms, steering rack)
•Rear suspension (upper and lower suspension arms)
•4 ignition coils and some more electrical parts
•For sure there are more things I don't remember them all


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