BMW E30 M3 S38

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  3.9.2017  ren538665  Gebraucht  BMW   1988  Nein / Nein 3735  500  EUR 59.900

Orginal BMW E30 M3 1988

Engine (new)
S38 / 6-cylinder / 3735 cc M5
500 Hp / 8800 rpm.
430-440 Nm / 7000 rpm
Schrick special cams + all Schrick parts cylinderhead
Headers Goodfabs F1
Carillo Rods
NG-Motorsport cylinderhead porting
AT-Power shaftless throttlebody

Engine Management and Dash
Motec M1 M130 (new)
Motec C185 Dash (i2 Pro Analysis, Diplay Creator, Predictive laptime etc.)
Motec PDM (new)
Motec keypad (new)
Wiring harness and connection (new)
Drive by wire throttle control
Traction control

Holinger SG3-SSR sequential + Holinger gearlever / Shift cut gear knob
Alcon 184 mm twin plate clutch 1000 Nm (new)
Differential 3,91 / 35% (new)

Öhlins 36HMRCW 2-tie coil-over (front)
Öhlins HMR 350 3-way coil-over (rear)
Adjustable camber, caster, height (front / rear)
Adjustable roll bar / sway bar

Front: Alcon 6380 / 6-piston caliper (new) / Disc 355/32 mm
Rear: Alcon 4-piston caliber / Disc 330/28 mm
ABS: Continental Teves Motorsport (new)

Orginal E30 M3 1988
Body carbon / composite + other parts.
-all hoods
-doors (including also metal doors
-bumpers + front split + rear wing (include 2 rear wings.)
-all windows polycarbonate
-roll gage (18 point) ASN
-Schroth harness + safety net (new)
-Recaro seat
-ATL FIA Fuel Tank (new)
-AP-Racing CP5500-605 pedal system (new)

Weight 1040 kg without gasoline


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