BMW Compact Maxi EVO body shell

Rennfahrzeuge / Rallyefahrzeuge

Verkauf  9.1.2014  ren529338  Neu  BMW   2011  Nein / Nein     EUR 15.000

Build to full S2000/WRC spec with no compromise by Protech 1 of 2 cars build. Full real carbon inside with Protech wiring with all fuses etc located in center carbon box. Aluminium hardline brake lines, 50L safety fuel cell under car with 2 internal Bosch Motorsport pumps in carbon box. Heated front wind screen. Costum cage T45 tig welded multipoint roll cage, shell dipped for all paint remove before preparing, all unused brackets removed etc etc. Included 1 spare front bumper 1 spare rear bumper and L + R front fender new. Only serious interest, no picture collectors or dreamers. Full picture documentation and spec up on request. Perfect base to make a tarmac S2000 beater :-) Or a serious rear wheel drive kit car.


Karl Morten
Bopladsen 17 
Tel.: +45 20732302
Dänemark - 9230 Svenstrup