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- Designation team for 2013: SVC Vitver Racing
- Designation AUDI WTTR - DTM


Base car ABT Sportline-Audi TT-R DTM
Body and vehicle modifications are made to the company - SVC Nachod in their workshops, corrected editing and verifying calculations are made to the faithful of the tunnel.
Composites / alloy
Length / Width / Height / Wheelbase / Track: according to specification race

Parameters of the car:

Maximum speed: 175-320 km / h according to the selected gear
Weight: 880/930 kg according to specifications tracks and car equipment for plant


Forked eight-cylinder engine with direct suction without restrictor
Capacity: 3995 ccm
Number of valves: 32
exhaust system SVC Nachod


Base Map Performance - 528hP / 550 Nm / 8500 RPM
Performance Performance Map - 580hP / 560 Nm / 8500 RPM

The electronics of the car: Configure and demand SVC Nachod
The controller Motor mounting Motec M880
The control unit electrical system Motec - PDM30
Expander- Motec for expanding scanning and recording parameters of the car
Switch Panel - control panel Motec
Infrared temperature sensors for brake discs and tires Motec
The electronic gear shift system stup??- paddleshift Geatronic modified specification SVC Nachod


Motec system Wbox-Live specification LESAK saved here each operating data and those can accurately evaluate the behavior of drivers and on this basis we can look for an optimal track and the braking points.
Telemetry is connected to the camera system of the car with the possibility of transferring data and images while driving

Transmission gear / Chassis:

Front engine drives through cardan Carbon Hewland gearbox with a drive wheel mounted on the rear. Gearbox, adjustable lamella self-locking differential, sequential 6-speed gearbox with variable gear ratio settings depending on the nature of the track, seven multi-plate carbon clutch with spacer rings. More elemental independent suspension all-wheel system - push-rod
Dampers: Ohlins - adjustable with separate oil vessels by modifying the specifications SVC Nachod, racing for mounting on a surface.
Rims: ATS, the front - 10-11Jx18, rear - 11-13Jx18
Tires: AVON / Michelin,


AP Racing DTM with ABS
Type: hydraulic, double circuit
Brake discs: Carbon / Ceramické and Steel (depending on route)


Karel Kusý
Babicka 41
Tschechische Republik - 78501 Sternberk

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