Audi A4 quattro rennwagen

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  6.8.2016  ren535696  Gebraucht  Audi   1996  Nein / Nein 1930  500  EUR 18.900

Audi A4 quattro built for hillclimb
Proffesionaly built fia rollbar, leighttened and strenthed re-welded chasie
Motor 1930 ccm motorsport build with cca. 500hp and more that 650 Nm torque ( more than 12 000 euro parts value ).
Turbo Garett GTX 30-76r TWIN SCROLL
JE 81.5 forged pistons, forged conrods, crank 2.0, acl bearings,....
I can send all specification parts via e mail beacouse specs list is very long
Gearbox is specialy made by Mr. Josef Beres, 6 speed dog box with max. speed 215 kmh on 17 inch wheels with front LSD and lamell torsen
Differential is Audi S4 biturbo with SQS motorsport rear LSD
Suspension 034 motorsport with all wishbones in uniball, down ones chrom molybden with uniballs, coilowers made by car weight in Italian firm
Brembo brakes, OZ ultralleggera 8x17 sets with new AVON slicks and new PIRELLI wet slicks

I can send all specification via e mail, the car can be tested.
Price is very good for this very fast and strog Audi built with good parts.
Reason for selling is im driveing a formula now and the Audi is just standing in my garage.
Thank you

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Petar Dajak
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