Alfa Romeo 147 cup EX TIM CORONEL

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  28.10.2016  ren536258  Neu  Alfa Romeo   2004  Nein / Ja 1998  245  EUR 38.000

Sells Alfa Romeo 147 Cup 245 hp 26.8 M /N motors autotecnica screwed with FFSA passport and card hoop FIA homologation, and software magneti marelli MF4M.
List of new parts using 3 races (France Cup circuit), crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, valves, valve spring engine gasket, exhaust manifold, clutches, hydraulic clutch bearing, front fender and rear KW, power steering pump, cover rocker, wheel bearing front and rear, rear suspension tie rod ball joint Unibal, stabilizer bar front link ball joint Unibal, gimbals sadev front left and right, starter and alternator, lithium battery, total gearbox screwed, all the bearings, gears 1st 6th with a clutch, bevel, top cover, seal, Self Locking review, bolts, ball Unibal build out of the box, master cylinder, brake hoses aviation, water heater, water hose, lower and upper suspension arm any trains bronze bushing, brake caliper front and rear, fuel pump, bucket, harnesses, Tarox disc brake front and rear, all bills has supported
car sold with 4 wheels and 4 wheels slick OZ OZ rain:

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