Alfa 147 GTA Cup auto 100% original

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  3.4.2018  ren540475  Gebraucht  Alfa Romeo   2001  Nein / Nein 2000  231  VB EUR 25.000

Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Cup car

In November 2001 I ordered as team manager of Tempo-team Racing 3 Alfa 147 Cup cars at Fiat Auto Nederland. After the 2002 season, all the cars from all over Europe who participated in the national and European Cups at Nordauto in Chivasso (It) were modified in 147 GTA Cup cars. The cars became very fast. Training times decreased from around the 1.57 min to around the 1.53 min on Zandvoort. The fastest time ever was 1,524. At the same speed as a Porsche GT3 Cup car.

After 2 seasons already successfully joined in 2004 Tempo Team Racing with 4 cars: 1 car for a racing talent without experience. In 2004 became that Mike Verschuur. Regular rider Rory Bertram was of course also back and for the first time Tim Coronel. The 4th car was a guest car and was mostly ridden by Bernard ten Brinke. During the final races of 2004 (also the last race of the 147 GTA Cup) the guest car was driven by Tom Coronel. It was the first time that Tim and Tom came out in the same race with the same car. Tim Cornel was fourth in that year in the classification. During the 2004 season, Rory Bertram and Tim Coronel also took part in the European 147 GTA Cup. After races at Monza, Valencia and Magny cours, Rory and Tim were at 1 and 2 in the classification. Lack of budget led to the failure of the European action after Hockenheim.

After the season of 2004 and so the end of 3 years Alfa 147 GTA Cup went the car from Tim Coronel to Me (Erik de Jong, team manager Tempo team Racing) for to participate in races in the Alfa Challenge. Between 2005 and 2014 I drove 7 races in the Alfa Challenge, culminating in a victory over Zandvoort in the 1 hour of Zandvoort along with.... Rory Bertram who still showed that race rounds of 1.53 – 1.54 were still possible.

In the years after 2004, the car has not changed. The car is almost as he drove through Tim Coronel in the last race of 2004.
A more original Alfa 147 GTA Cup is unlikely to be found. At the car you will also get a set of rain wheels and a extra set of slicks.
Furthermore, team clothing is also available from the period 2002 – 2004 for the interested parties.


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