Fiat Abarth 500 Assetto Corse

Rennfahrzeuge / Tourenwagen

Verkauf  24.10.2016  ren536193  Gebraucht  Fiat   2016  Nein / Nein 1368  190  EUR 15.500

The car is factory-built for Trofeo Abarth and is still according to this specification and sealed except that I lightened the car with 42kg by mounting carbon fiber doors with plastic side windows. The side windows are from Abarth 695 Evo.
Original doors with glass windows and power windows are available to be able to restore to the original specification.

Engine: 4 cylinders, 4 valves per cylinder, 1368 cc, turbo, max output: 190hp at 5500 rpm
Drivetrain: 6 gears, limited slip differential (LSD)
Front suspension: McPherson, adjustable racing shock absorbers with adjustable height
Rear suspension: adjustable race suspension, separately mounted spring with adjustable height
Steering: Electric power steering
Brakes: Adjustable brake reducing valve
Front: Brembo four piston calipers with vented discs, 305 x 28 mm
Rear: Floating one piston calipers, solid discs, 240 x 11 mm

Swedish FIA race pass

There are some onboard movies at:

Race history for the car:
2011-2013: Swedish Trofeo Abarth series, won the Trophy first year
2014: Club Alfa Romeo Challenge Svezia, class 2: 1st place
2015: Club Alfa Romeo Challenge Svezia, class 2: 3rd place. European Trofeo Abarth 500 at Spa Francorchamps: 4th and 5th place
2016: Club Alfa Romeo Challenge Svezia, class 2: 2nd place


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