Shifter kart for sale!

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Verkauf  28.10.2017  kar535261  Gebraucht  Intrepid   2008  Nein / Nein     VB EUR 1.800

The kart is used, but in good condition.

It is an Intrepid Silverstone Pro cage, from 2008. I bought it this year. Bearings and cables, pipes are new. Cooler is a standard medium cooler with pipes. Water pump's simmering is new. The brake system is a 2014 Parolin brake system with new red brake pads. Brake disks has self movement so you don't need to setup the brakes. The disks could be replaced or renewed but it is usable.

Tyres are used but it's still OK. I'll give you + 2 sets of 75% mojo D3.

Fuel systems pipes are new and the mikuni pump has new parts.

Engine is a Motori Seven L2 with 45 horsepower, renicasilazed in 2014. Then used 2 pistons in the last 3 years. Nowadays it's time to change the piston again just for safety. It's 53.96. The engine has new shifter parts, costs 84€.

Mychron 4 with water temperature, RPM and magnetic sensors installed.

If you want I can ship but just in parts... I don't prefer it, I can ship it to 1-200km around Debrecen, Hungary. Hungarian shipping is in the price if you pay the whole amount.
If you need a new set of Blue Vega Tyres I can give you for extra 100€.

If you want to pay me out by paypal, and then want me to send back the shipping cost via western union, before i get the paypal money, please DO NOT write me. Dont waste the time of each other again....


Norbert Fehér
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