2015 VLN SP9 driver seats available


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You want the best car, the most professional service team, an all inclusive arrive and drive arrangement? You want your co-drivers to be professional factory drivers and experienced semi-pros who want to win just as much as you do, while having a great time? Look no further, we offer you a seat in our factory-run SP9 Aston Martin Vantage GT3 built in 2015 by the factory to run with pro drivers in the N24H; and fully rebuilt to zero LM for us afterwards! We have openings for VLNs 3-10 (budget required - condition & details on request).

Not sure the car works for you? Then come to our test on 7/8 March at the Monteblanco circuit near Seville (Spain) with full factory support - condition & details on request.

We also have the possibility to offer seats (not in the GT3 car) before the N24H and for the N24H.