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driver seats Porsche 991/V6 in VLN /RCN

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aesthetic racing offers competitive drives on its Porsche 991 in class V6 in both VLN and RCN
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For the 2017 season we still offer driver seats in both VLN, as well as, RCN on quick Porsche Carrera 991 in class V6.

We offer you: • top prepared, fast and absolutely reliable car, i. a. with O KW Competition Variant 3 suspension O success-oriented allotment of tires • car has been comprehensively revised and completely re-built during the winter break! • video and data recording, as well as, professional coaching, if requested • young, motivated crew and pleasant team atmosphere • 1: 1 support on the radio • tasty catering and friendly hospitality for your guests and sponsors • competitive terms including resasonable, limited deductible • space for sponsorship stickers available on the cars

Whether you want to take part in selected rounds only or compete in the entire series, go with us as part of a dedicated team.

Interested? Then, please, contact us for your individual offer: aesthetic racing GmbH Hans-J. Kniebes hk@aesthetic-racing.com 0151 – 11 30 35 13

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aesthetic racing GmbH
Hans-Joachim Otto Kniebes
Steinsbüscher Hof 2
53604 Bad Honnef
Anbieternummer: 31006
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