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Data Engineer

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Privater Anbieter Registriert seit 24.01.2015
Dmitry K
195*** Saint-Petersburg
Anbieternummer: 32009
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Data engineer for races in Russia or in Europe
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If you are interested in any assistance for racing events in Russia (additional staff for some reason or an urgent replacement) you might want to consider myself as a proper person for that. Being Russian citizen I don't need work permit or visa, so any short-term confirmation should be possible. Also if you need a data or performance engineer for your team in Europe on a full-time basis I will be happy to discuss all the options available. Options like being employed by a kind of engineering services company renting its staff to teams in various championships are also considered.

Some notes on my background. I graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University with diploma in fluid mechanics. My average score was 4.95 with 5.00 being theoretical maximum. Since 2008 my full-time occupation is software testing.

Besides my full-time job in software development I have several years experience in motorsport on a part-time basis. I supported several Russian drivers in European junior formulae and touring car racing with data and video analysis, also I managed a driver in Carrera Cup. In my home country I performed various activities in circuit racing, rally and karting, from support roles in race organization up to race engineering. This year I'm doing simulator work with 4 drivers (junior formulae) and some data engineering in karting. In addition to that I offer consulting services in driver management, mostly for parents of young drivers from karting, but I also had to deal with several performance-oriented amateur drivers or their coaches.

The data analysis tools I'm using most often are AIM Race Studio and Motec i2. I also had to work with some other systems in the past.

Language wise my English is fluent, German is smth between basic and intermediate. Russian is my native language.

In case you are interested please feel free to contact me any time via phone or e-mail. Upon your request I can send you my detailed CV.

Best regards, Dmitry Kireev.

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