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Driverseat GLP, RCN, VLN, 24h on BMW 325 available

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Gewerblicher Anbieter Registriert seit 27.02.2010
NexD e.K.
Udo Frey
Nürburgring Boulevard 2
Nürburgring BusinessCenter
53520 Nürburg
Anbieternummer: 24082
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Driverseat GLP, RCN, VLN, 24h on BMW 325 available in a professionell team. Coaching, Datalogging and Insurance
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GLP, RCN, VLN and 24h 2019 - Driver seats available - Interesting for both: Beginners and experienced Drivers!

If you already start with your new race license we will coach you - like over 100 drivers before - up to the 24h Race. If you are a fast driver with experience the A-Car is interesting for you - the aim is clear: Driving for high ranks in the class!

Touring cars for classes V4 / SP4 / RS4 (BMW 325 E90), and for training purpose streetlegal for Trackdays and Touristtraffic exercises.  Maintained by a successful race team with extensive experience. Individual development is possible within the team! Every car is well prepared and capable to win it’s class!  The cars have also optional a race insurance.

Coaching! GPS-Datalogging, Dual- videologging – „Data analysis and corner talk“ with the DMSB- certified coaches - all data files and software to take home for further studies. English speaking coach and stuff in Team.

Catering and sponsor areas on the car are possible!

Call and join as today, we are looking forward to welcome you at NexD-Racing. 

Coaching, Racecar Rental for Training – our V-Class Racecars are streetlegal!

For pricing, 24h beginner-packages and further information, visit our website: www.NexD-Racing.com. 

Mobile: +49 173 6192010 please ask for Udo Frey

Mail: Frey@NexD.eu

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