Ford Mustang 1967/68 Group 2 Trans Am

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Up for sale is a project of a 1967/68 Ford Mustang Coupe for historic racing events.
The car will be built 100% by hand in a 8 - 12 months period up from the ordering. The car is built for an 1968 FIA homologation, altered by the 1968 TransAm rules.

The car features:

- completely stripped body
- the whole body will be restored with matching sheet metals, etc. to a high quality of body works
- completely integrated 6point rollcage with FIA certificate made by a profesional cage builder
- high quality paint job
- fresh built all new race engine (450Hp)
- 8.5" wheels
- new transmission
- all new front- and rearend components with some self-engineered bushings, etc.
- traction arms and watts link in the rear
- high quality interior
- completely new customized wiring harness with gauges, etc.
- etc.

The pictures show one of our last projects, a 1968 Mustang built for race application.

Here some track action of the car:

Goals of 2015/2016:

Spa Summer Classic 2015 33laps race: P11 overall, 1st in Class
Spa Race Festival 2015 3h race: P12 overall, 1st in Class
RGB Saisonfinale Nürburgring 2015 4h race: P7 overall, 1st in Class
Westfalentrophy Nürburgring 2015 2h race: P1 overall with fuel failure in last lap
Preis der Stadt Stuttgart 2016: 2.5h race: P4 overall, 1st in Class
24h Classic 2016 4h race: P1 overall until accident in lap 7

Please, feel free to contact us by email for additional information!


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